StealthGenie FAQ

StealthGenie Information and FAQ's

General information and answers to frequently asked questions about StealthGenie spy application for monitoring mobile phones.

Discover StealthGenie spy application

Before accessing our FAQ section we offer a brief overview of StealthGenie spy software: discreet and undetectable spyware designed to give you all the information associated with a monitored phone.

StealthGenie: How is it different from other spyware?

presentationStealthGenie is the most comprehensive spyware package available and is compatible with the latest models of smartphones and tablet currently on the market. StealthGenie is also compatible with iPhone iOS 5 and 6X as well as with the iPad.

Innovative features

With StealthGenie you can:

–    Create your own customized safe and prohibited zones on virtual maps for enhanced tracking of the GPS location of a target user
–    Monitor phone conversations
–    Spy on all SMS content
–    Spy on the phone's audio environment
–    View all videos and photos stored in the phone
–    View text messenger content
–    Use the phone's buit-in camera to visually monitor the phone's surrounding

In less than 5 minutes from the time you click on the "download" button, you’ll have access to all the features of StealthGenie. StealthGenie is easy to install and use even if you have little or no technical skills!

First Class Customer Service

StealthGenie offers all users a 100% money back guarantee along with complete customer care and support. The fact that you purchased spyware will not appear on your credit card or bank statement – StealthGenie offers provides total discretion and invisibility.

Discount codes

Don't forget to use our discount coupon codes! Regular discount codes are often available – right now you can get a 10% discount by downloading StealthGenie today (use code GENIE during checkout). Whether you wish to spy on an iPhone, Android or a BlackBerry, use the coupon code when you purchase the application online and save 10% off the price of the software. Try it now! 


Do I need to have a smartphone to spy on one?

Not at all - spying on a smartphone does not require that you have one, too. However,  it is essential to have an internet connection such as the one on your home computer. Otherwise, you will not have access to your StealthGenie online account!

Is StealthGenie Free?

Lots of sites pretend to offer StealthGenie free, but these are web marketing scams, and in some cases, may be attempts to lure you into downloading viruses or malware. A program such as StealthGenie isn't free - all the features that it offers are highly advanced and when you pay for the spyware you get access to a private online account with a fully functional control panel. This is not just a simple program - it is an advanced and complete spyware package which allows you to spy on any phone activity while remaining totally invisible to the user of the targeted phone! It is well worth its price, which happens to be very affordable! Be careful not to download a virus by trying to get StealthGenie for free.

Is it legal to buy StealthGenie?

Purchasing and downloading software such as StealthGenie is completely legal and authorized by law.

Is there a privacy policy?

StealthGenie's policies are strict: tall customer data remain completely confidential and private.

With which smartphones is StealthGenie compatible?

StealthGenie is fully compatible with the majority of smartphones on the market and works with the operating systems of iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Note that StealthGenie is the most comprehensive software for spying on Android devices – most Android models are compatible.

Is the software really invisible?

The software is equipped with the latest technological innovations in the spyware market and gives no indication that it is running, even when it's active. When StealthGenie is operating there is no entry in the task manager.

How much does StealthGenie cost?

StealthGenie is available in three different subscription plans: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months. Each subscription is available in either STANDARD or PRO versions (and ADVANCED, for Android only).

What is the first step for installing StealthGenie?

The first step for installing the program is to create your personal StealthGenie online account: Once your account is created, simple follow the easy instructions. The online private account is called: "MyGenie"

How do I buy StealthGenie spyware?

Purchasing StealthGenie is simple: go to the Purchase Page (or click the button on the right side of this page) to geain access to the StealthGenie download page. StealthGenie guarantees secure online payment. Buy StealthGenie and choose your payment method, such as: credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), PayPal or Wire Transfer.

Does StealthGenie provide technical support?

Of course it does! StealthGenie provides all its customers and users with 24/7 live technical support and help. That's unique in the industry.

Is StealthGenie complicated to install?

Even if you are not a phone expert or technician, even if you've never touched a smartphone before, SteatlhGenie is the easiest spy app to install. If you need help, StealthGenie's customer service will provide you with all the assistance required. StealthGenie is easy to install and simple to use: anyone can do it!

Will StealthGenie appear on my bank statement?

Not at all! When we say that StealthGenie is totally undetectable and invisible, we also mean its purchase! The name of the program "StealthGenie" does not appear on your bank statement or credit card bill.