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Currently close to the first position on the market of mobile phone monitoring programs, StealthGenie offers all the features necessary to spy on a smartphone.

More than 100,000 users have already been convinced of the effectiveness of StealthGenie to spy on a mobile phone. StealthGenie is easy, simple to install and its features are numerous.

How Does StealthGenie Work?

It's easy! Simply install the software on the smartphone you want to track. StealthGenie takes over and spies on every activity of the phone remotely and discreetly. The software is silent and completely undetectable by the targeted user. The data that StealthGenie collects is sent to your protected private StealthGenie account where it can be viewed in real time or at a  time that is convenient for you – all information will be recorded and stored. Log in to your account from anywhere and at anytime to check the data.

With this application, you'll have no need to hire a private investigator or to attempt to track your child or employee on your own. Install StealthGenie and get access to a number of high-tech features and the ability to remotely monitor almost any smartphone. SteathGenie is a complete spyware package with several features you won't find anywhere else. All these features are available as soon as you download the program.


Track Text Messages


Main options

  •     Track every sent or received text message
  •     Text message redirecting

With StealthGenie every text message sent or received (including date and time stamp) shows up in your private account. You'll be able to read the contents of each one and view the identity of the sender. StealthGenie's text message feature also has a redirecting option. That means that you can write an sms and send it throught the target cell phone: you can even choose the receiver through the target phone contact list. This feature allows you to send an SMS which will appear as if it were sent from the targeted smartphone!

Record Calls

callsMain options

  •     Track and record all calls
  •     View call history at any time
  •     Listen to conversations in real time

With the Call Recording feature you can listen to all received and outgoing calls with or without specifying a number (example: only record specified numbers or record all conversations with any number). You can then listen to the phone calls within your StealthGenie account at any time and even download them to your computer. You can also view the call history (even the missed calls) with the date and the time at which they took place. In addition, you'll have the capability to listen to calls while intercepting them - you receive an SMS that alerts you that the target phone is making or receiving a call which you can listen to live!

GPS location monitoring

gpsMain options

  •     Track and view the exact position of the phone (GPS position)
  •     View GPS location history
  •     Track an entire route
  •     Select and mark areas of your choice

One of StealthGenie's most useful features. Get an immediate and accurate fix of the physical location of the phone and its user. Whether it's your kid, or an employee, you will always be able to find out exactly where they are and where they have been. With this feature you can view the current position on a map in real time from your Control Panel on your secured account. You'll also have access to the phone's location history in great detail - from point A to point B you can see their exact route taken, along with the time data. One of the most remarkable capabilities associated with the GPS location is the ability to designate safe or prohibited areas. Simply mark restricted or safe areas on the map and be notified everytime the phone enters or leaves those designated areas. This is a very useful tool for parents who wish to monitor their kids.

Email Tracking feature

iconeMain options

  •     Track emails (sent or received)
  •     View email history
  •     View sender details
  •     Track Gmail
Emails can tell you a lot about a person and their activities. This feature allows you to spy on email content and works with the most popular mail services, including Gmail. With the email tracking feature you'll have a complete view of all sent and received emails along with the sender's details. You will have access to email history and be able to see date and time stamps as well as the sender or recipient's email address.

Track internet activity

iconeMain options

  •     See all websites visited by the phone
  •     Have access to bookmarked sites
This feature allows you to view all the web activity of the smartphone user. View all the URLs  visited by the targeted phone's user and see how much time the person spent on each site (date/time and length of the visit). The internet tracking feature allows you access to all bookmarked websites so you can be aware of what kind of sites the user is visiting and how many times he visits them. A highly useful feature for parents who wish to monitor and control the web activity of their kids.

Instant Messenger spying feature

iconeMain Options

  •     Spy on instant messenger content
  •     Read all messages (WhatsApp, BBM, iMessage and Gtalk)
Having access to instant messenger conversations is a very desirable capability - especially if infidelity or lies are suspected! WhatsApp, iMessage, Gtalk, BBM and other chat and instant messengers will no longer be places where secrets can be exchanged. StealthGenie offers you the ability to spy on them  and discover the truth. Get the time and date of conversations and gain access to all files (photos, videos, etc.) sent through instant messengers. StealthGenie allows the monitoring of WhatsApp (instant messenger between smartphones), iMessage (instant messenger of iPhone), Gtalk (Google’s instant messenger) and BBM (BlackBerry instant messenger).

Access to media files

mediafilesMain Options

  •     Spy on all photos and videos stored or shared
  •     Spy on music files
  •     Listen to voice recordings
With this feature you can track all the media stored and shared the targeted user, including music, voice recordings, pictures and videos. All Smartphone users (specially the young ones) use their camera. You can also remotely collect all the pictures and videos taken with the phone. View pictures as a slideshow or as thumbnails on your StealthGenie private online account.

Calendar and task feature

taskMain Options

  •     View calendar content
  •     Spy on phonebooks and all contacts
  •     Spy on appointments and schedules
StealthGenie allows you to view all contacts stored in the phonebook of the mobile phone. You will also have access to the calendar and be able to spy on all tasks pending or completed, appointment bookmarks and the "things to do" list. With this feature you will have an overview of the daily activity of the phone user.

Bug the Phone

bugMain Options

  •     Record and listen to the phone's surroundings
  •     Create alerts and get notified
  •     Spy on SIM changes
This function allows you to spy on the surroundings of the phone and to record sounds by using an SMS command, enabling you to listen to the phone's environment in detail. You can also set up alerts on certain phone numbers or words of your choice so that you will be  notified if these numbers or words appear in the phone.

Remote control of the Phone

lockMains Options

  •     Lock the phone
  •     Wipe Data
  •     Launch app

You can lock the phone remotely by sending a remote command to the phone from your StealthGenie control panel - if you lock the phone nobody will have access to it. You can also wipe the phone by remote control without being detected. Furthermore, you’ll be able to control the phone remotely and send commands to it such as: wipe phone data, lock apps, launch app, pause phone or wipe specific data. This innovative feature allows you to have total control of the phone while staying invisible and undetectable. This capability is particularly useful in the case of a lost or stolen smartphone.