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The Rise and Fall of SpyBubble

A Once-Respected Monitoring App

In the world of mobile monitoring apps, things can change rather quickly. Usually, the changes are for the better - companies who make and sell cell phone monitoring software systems are in stiff competition with each other, and they are constantly adding new features or expanding their compatibility in an effort to stay ahead of the pack.

As the technology has developed, these types of products have improved and become even more powerful, and as new players enter the market, the prices have become even more competitive.

It’s a lucrative market, to be sure - and there have been many products introduced that were little more than scams. In the case of SpyBubble, however, we’re talking about a product that was at one point considered to be one of the better monitoring apps available. It was attractively priced and it seemed to be perfectly legit. It was offered in six languages and it had a price tag much lower than some of the other apps offering a similar set of features.

What Went Wrong?

iconeAt some point, things began to go south. The website (which was never all that great to begin with, honestly) became outdated; some of the app’s best features - such as the capability to monitor phone conversations - were removed. Also, complaints from users who found the app difficult to install, and the company’s customer support to be nearly non-existent, began to emerge.

Then, recently, the makers of SpyBubble announced that they would be adding an icon to their product which will alert the user of the targeted phone that they are being actively monitored. Since the whole idea of a monitoring app for kids is to discreetly gather information about user activity, this is not an improvement - by anyone’s standards.

And as if that weren’t bad enough (at least at the moment as I’m writing this) when you go to the website and click on the “Buy Now” tab, you get a message saying to “check back later” and that “we are improving our system.”

That looks like really bad news - but they could certainly use some improvements in their system, indeed...

It’s not certain that we are witnessing the ultimate demise of SpyBubble, but it’s clear that something is desperately wrong, at least for the time being.

Non-Existent Customer Support

Even before the makers of SpyBubble announced the addition of the new icon and the fact that there will be daily notifications displayed on the targeted phone that the app is in use (aargh); and even before the site announced that they are currently not selling the product (it’s been three weeks now at the time of this writing) while they “improve” their system, there were increasingly heard complaints from users regarding the company’s level of customer support, or lack thereof.

If you visit the SpyBubble website, you’ll notice that nowhere on any of its pages is there a phone number listed. No toll-free help line - no phone number at all. This is not a very promising sign.

From doing some online research about SpyBubble’s customer base, I have found that there are many, many users complaining about the lack of response to their queries. Many seem to have received standardized responses that were of no help at all.

Many other users complain that the Online Chat never seems to work - the lights are on, but nobody is home, it seems.

No Refunds?

Another common complaint is that the makers of SpyBubble are not honoring their promise of a 60 day money back guarantee. Users are reporting that the company is using stalling tactics - a common problem with less-than-reputable online marketing companies. Apparently, they hope that customers will eventually give up on getting their money back and just go away. This is bad - very bad - news.

Some users who paid for SpyBubble through PayPal have been able to get their money back, due to PayPal’s policy of issuing refunds even if the company won’t do it directly.

iconeInstallation Difficulties

And just when you start to think it can’t get any worse - it does. It seems that around 85% of SpyBubble users have had difficulties installing the product and making it work. The website claims that installation requires only three simple steps, but many users have reported difficulties and some say they can’t get the product to install properly and work at all. This is the final nail in the coffin, as far as I’m concerned...

Conclusion: Don’t Buy It!

Even if SpyBubble manages to implement the promised “improvements” to their system and begins making their product available again, I can no longer recommend it to anyone. There have been too many signals that something is terribly wrong - I personally will be surprised if they continue operating at all, considering how bad things have gotten recently.

There are many other products on the market which score better all the way around - on features, performance, customer support, ease of installation and just basic marketing integrity.

If you want a good cell phone monitoring system, you should look elsewhere...

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