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The Spy Who Loved Me: When is it Appropriate to Use Phone Monitor Apps?

In a perfect world, trust would not be an issue. But the world we live in is far from perfect and we all have the right and, in many cases, the duty to protect and monitor our loved ones. No caring parent relishes the idea of spying on a family member, but the truth is that often it is necessary to do so to protect them from harm or even to protect yourself. There are now available many cheap, effective and easy-to-use spy phone apps, and more and more people have come to rely upon them, and for a variety of reasons.  

Monitoring Your Children

stealthcamera2Children face many dangers these days. There are temptations and peer pressures from friends that can led them into making the wrong decisions, but there are also greater threats posed by those who would seek to victimize or exploit them in a number of ways.

Teens (and even younger kids) using some of the photo-sharing apps such as Vine and Instagram are particularly at risk from cyber-stalkers and peers who may use photos to bully, intimidate or even worse. There is no reason a parent should not feel justified in monitoring their teen children.

The invasion of privacy issues are far outweighed by the risks they face in today’s often dangerous social environment. In fact, some rightfully believe that it is a parent’s obligation to keep close tabs on their children’s activities online and on smartphones.


The dangers are far too real to be ignored or downplayed.

No parent can be faulted for wanting to know what their children are up to, who they are talking to and what kind of content they are sharing. Trust and freedom are important, but in the long run, the child’s safety is paramount.  


How Do These Apps Work?

1362535977_postiniSpy apps are inexpensive and very easy to install and use. You simply purchase and download an phone monitoring app such as mSpy, and after the installation is complete, you log into the Control Panel to begin tracking any activity on the phone, including GPS location, text messages and call history.  and . Clear step-by-step instructions are included and you’ll be able to immediately have access to everything that happens on your loved one’s phone. Don’t let your child become a victim and don’t let yourself be a victim of doubts and uncertainties.Take positive action and you’ll regain control and peace of mind. And most importantly, you’ll be able to protect the people you love the most.

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