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UPDATE: Now Provides Fully-Secured SSL Protection!

At, your privacy and security are among our first concerns. That’s why we have now protected our website by upgrading it to fully-secured SSL status. When you look at our URL address, you will see that it now contains an “s” after the letters “http”.

The “https://” URL lets you know that every bit of information you share with the site is fully encrypted, keeping it safe from hackers or anyone else who might be snooping around trying to view your personal info. You’ll also notice the “padlock” icon in the window of your browser that lets you know the SSL is actively protecting your connection to the website.

What is SSL and Why is it Important?

iconeThe letters “SSL” are an abbreviation for the term “Secure Socket Layer”. An SSL is a cryptographic protocol which serves the purpose of providing secure communication across the Internet. It provides protection between the browser on your computer or Internet-capable device and a website you are connected to.

When the owners of a website such as ours wish to provide the highest level of security and privacy for its visitors, they commonly purchase and install the SSL encryption software and receive what is known as an “SSL certificate”. This certificate lets you know that all the information you provide to the site, as well as all communication between the user and the site will be encrypted before it is sent over the Internet and will be decoded at the other end.

The SSL certificate is issued by a trusted authority and ensures that all shared information is secured and unavailable for viewing by any third party. SSL certificates are recognized by browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Protection Against “Phishing” Scams

The SSL certificate not only lets you know that the website you are connected to is secured by encryption, it also serves as a form of authentication. This is important because those who are engaged in “phishing” scams often use fake websites to trick users into revealing personal information. It is nearly impossible for one of these scammers to obtain an SSL certificate, so when you see an “https://” URL and the padlock icon, you can be assured that the website you are visiting is an authentic one.

Our Commitment to Our Visitors

The type of protection is crucial on websites which collect credit card info and other vital personal data, but we also believe that it is worth protecting our visitors, even though this website is not designed to process payments.

We believe in making sure any and all of the information you share with us is completely confidential and not available for anyone else to see. It’s part of our commitment to our clients and visitors and also to our belief that the Internet should be a safe, secure and private environment for all who access it. We believe that no one, including hackers, scammers or government agencies should have access to your or anyone else’s private data or online communications.

At you can rest assured that all your interactions with us will remain private and secure!

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