mSpy and Instant Messenger Apps

DOWNLOAD MSPYmSpy is the perfect tool for intercepting messages sent and received on instant messaging apps. In this article we’ll discuss the various instant messaging platforms and show you how mSpy can help you reveal the truth about your children or your employees.

What is an Instant Messenger?

An instant messenger (IM) is an application that allows two or more people to send and receive messages and other content over the Internet in real time.With an instant messenger you can chat with another person, send and receive multimedia files and engage in group conversations. Instant messaging apps have become extremely popular among people who own smartphones, largely because there is no cost associated with their use.Most instant messengers are free to download and use, thereby replacing the need for SMS messaging – which in many countries is quite expensive. Many instant messenger apps also allow you to send voice messages over the Internet, which eliminates the need for making expensive international long distance calls.

There are many instant messenger platforms available for download, some are familiar and have been around for quite some time, such as Skype and Facebook, and many of the newer ones are geared to mobile phone users. These include Viber, WhatsApp, iMessage and others.

The Growing Popularity of Instant Messenger Apps

The use of instant messaging apps continues to increase at a breathtaking rate. Instant messaging is enormously popular among teens and young people, who use them to stay in close contact with their friends. Instant messenger apps are also very much used in countries where SMS messaging is prohibitively expensive.

For instance, in 2013 an estimated 445 million Chinese consumers used instant messengers to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. 22% of American adults now use some form of instant messaging, and those figures are expected to grow rapidly.

It is estimated that 1.4 billion people will be using instant messaging by the year 2016. 45% of smartphone owners already use IM and the rate of smartphone ownership is growing almost exponentially. In a few years, the vast majority of the population worldwide will own smartphones, as the price of purchase continues to drop.Even in developing countries, smartphone ownership is on the rise – there are now fully functional smartphones available for well under $100, and they are getting cheaper every day.

  • 90% of Brazil’s population uses instant messengers
  • 75% of Russian population uses instant messengers
  • 50% of Britons use them as well


It is estimated that well over $20 billion dollars were lost in 2012 by mobile operators due to increased use of instant messengers as opposed to sending SMS messages. Clearly the days of SMS messaging are numbered.



mSpy is one of the leading companies selling what are commonly known as spy phone apps or spyware. With mSpy, it is possible to monitor all the activity on a targeted smartphone or tablet.mSpy allows you to  view phone call info, sms, voicemail, web browsing history and multimedia content sent or received by the targeted phone. The app also gives you the ability to map the phone’s location in real time, using the built-in GPS system on the targeted phone.

Why Do I Need mSpy?

iconeIf you are a parent of young or teenaged children, you are no doubt aware of the many dangers that lurk on the internet. Incidents of cyberbullying are on the rise and it has been estimated that one out of five kids have been the target of these attacks. All too often, the victims of cyberbullying have been driven to despair and in some tragic cases, they have taken their own lives. It is vitally important for parents to be aware of their child’s interactions online, but often the victims are afraid to speak to their parents.

Other dangers face children who are active online. They may be using instant messengers to talk to the wrong people – they may be interacting with bad influences or even cyber stalkers and sexual predators posing as children themselves to lure their victims. mSpy gives parents the ability to monitor their child’s online activities and to spot trouble before it gets out of hand.

If you suspect  a problem, mSpy allows you to see who he or she is talking to and view their communications on instant messenger apps. People often use these apps to cover their tracks, but with mSpy all will be revealed. You’ll have the tools you need to find out the truth once and for all and be able to take the appropriate measures.

If you are a business owner or manager, you need to know that your employees are productive and not wasting time chatting with friends while on company time. Or worse yet, sharing company secrets with your competition. Before you give a smartphone to your employees to use for work purposes, it is strongly advised that you install mSpy to make sure you are protected.


How Does mSpy Work?

iconemSpy is simple to install and use. First, you need to purchase the app and download it so that you can install it on the target phone. Installation only takes a matter of minutes and you don’t need any special technical skills to do it. Once the spyware is installed, you’ll be able to log on to your secured private account, which can be accessed from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Once you’ve logged on to your account,you’ll be able to use the Control Panel to view all the recorded information,including phone call info, emails, SMS content and – perhaps most importantly, – all the communications made on instant messaging apps. You’ll also be able to get a fix on the physical location of the phone through its GPS system, as well as the history of where the phone has been.

There is no way for the user to know that their smartphone is being monitored. You’ll have the ability to spy on all the activity that occurs on the phone – either in real time or at a time convenient to you.

Which Instant Messengers Does mSpy Allow you to Monitor?

mSpy allows you to monitor the most popular instant messenger platforms. With mSpy you’ll be able to intercept and view all messages and content sent or received on Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber and other social networks.

iconeGain Peace of Mind With mSpy.Protect yourself and your loved ones by installing mSpy on the smartphones and tablets of those whom you care about and are responsible for. What you don’t know CAN hurt you – information is power, and mSpy gives you the power to gain the information you need.

Find out exactly what is going on when you’re not around. Don’t let another day go by wondering what is happening in your world – let mSpy take the guesswork out of managing your life. The cost is minimal compared to the potential cost of not knowing what is happening in your environment – purchase mSpy today and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.