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Who is Spying on You?

The recent controversy over the extensive spy network which has been set up and maintained by the United States National Security Agency (NSA), shows no signs of abating anytime soon. As fresh revelations continue to be released regarding the NSA’s spying activities involving not only citizens, but international corporate entities and government officials (even allies!), most of the world has begun to wonder if there is any privacy left at all. And it’s not just the USA doing the spying. Virtually every government in the world has its own spy network and some are extensive enough to nearly rival that of the US.

The Gloves Come Off

cameraThe revelations and outrage concerning the American intelligence community’s spying activities almost seem to have sparked a spying frenzy worldwide. If the Americans can get away with it, why shouldn’t everybody else be able to do the same? Or maybe it’s just that nobody’s trying too hard to conceal their spying activities anymore - it’s almost a free-for-all now, it seems. That’s one of the problems which occurs when one country decides it’s above international laws and treaties. Who can expect the other superpowers to idly stand by while America bugs even its own allies?

But maybe we’re somehow headed, willingly or not, to an era of complete transparency. Technologies that are used to control people can also be turned against those who originally wielded it. The printing press is a good historical example, and established power structures these days seem just as vulnerable to having their own secrets revealed as the average citizens do. And it would seem that in many cases they have a lot more to hide. And it’s not just governments doing the surveillance…

Spy Tech For All

It seems that these days, there’s a spy lurking everywhere - government intelligence agencies, Google+, Facebook . If you’ve got any secrets, you may as well forget about keeping them for long. The average person now has access to spy technology once available only to professional surveillance experts, in the form of mobile monitoring software.

offer powerful spy phone software which can be installed on another person’s smartphone or tablet, allowing the viewing and monitoring of everything that takes place on the targeed device. This includes call information, phone numbers, texts, SMS, shared multimedia content such as photos and videos - even GPS location. Some of these apps even allow you to take photos or video using the target phone’s camera and to record audio of the surroundings of the phone.

These apps are being purchased and used by employers and concerned parents who are afraid they are being cheated on. Whether we like it or not, we live in a world where spying is now commonplace. Maybe it’s just the price we pay for the interconnectedness that our technologies have provided. As always, progress seems to be a double-edged sword...

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